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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/5 v3] x86: adapt CPU topology detection for AMD Magny-Cours

* Andreas Herrmann <> wrote:

> Changes to previous patch set:
> - remove MULTI_NODE_CPU config option
> - provide defaults for cpu_node topology information
> - add patch to fix AMD mcheck code
> Current patch set contains 5 patches:
> - patch 1 adapts common code to show cpu_node_id,
> cpu_node_siblings and cpu_node_siblings_list in
> /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/topology
> - patch 2 prepares arch/x86 to provide cpu_node information
> - patch 3 sets up cpu_node information for AMD Magny-Cours CPU
> - patch 4 fixes L3 cache information for Magny-Cours
> - patch 5 fixes mcheck code for Magny-Cours

it would be really nice to propagate this info to where it _really_
matters: the sched-domains topology info - unless i'm missing
something this patch-set does not do that yet, right? That way we'll
get actual feedback if it's broken, and will help people if it works
right. Device allocation matters too, but to a much lesser degree.


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