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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/7] initdev:kernel:Asynchronously-discovered device synchronization, v6
David VomLehn wrote:
> +Some rules about correct usage:
> +o Each call to initdev_found *must* be matched by a call to
> + initdev_probe_done.

This would be useful as inline kerneldoc documentation at initdev_found().

> +o The value of initdev_mask passed to initdev_found and
> + initdev_probe_done for a given device must be identical.

And this as kerneldoc at initdev_probe_done().

What happens if the calls or the call arguments aren't balanced, e.g.
due to a mistake in an error path? The kernel will hang?

(BTW, much, though possibly not all, of the "History" section of your
changelog should be below the --- delimiter, and the "v6" in the subject
should be within the [PATCH ...] prefix.)
Stefan Richter
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