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SubjectRe: Solution: N810 keyboard regression
On Saturday 06 June 2009 05:42:04 pm Felipe Balbi wrote:
> Are you sure that was the commit that changed it ?
> that commit is only getting rid of the debug() macro and making use of
> dev_vdbg().

Oops, looks like I put the wrong commit at fault. The correct one is:

> If you had just followed git blame you'd see that was already the
> default value on n810's lm8323 platform_data since the initial import of
> that code into linux-omap.

According to the removed code in the above commit, the default value (outside
of and not specified in n810's lm8323 platform_data) was 12.

> I do recall testing my patches on n810 before sending them upstream and
> they were working. How are you testing this ? which tree are you using ?

I am testing the latest Linux-OMAP kernel on my N810 with Nokia's flasher and
--load --boot options. (Userspace is Gentoo)

> did you try changing that keysize calculation ?

No, I wanted to get the opinion of someone who knows how that code actually is
supposed to work before I try randomly changing things I don't understand.

> Do you see irqs comming? Any debugging messages ?

There were no debugging messages when the broken keys were pressed, nor did a
dbg I added to the driver get triggered for them.


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