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SubjectRe: Solution: N810 keyboard regression
On Sat, Jun 06, 2009 at 11:51:34PM +0200, ext Luke-Jr wrote:
> Found the problem with the 2.6.29 N810 keyboard regression in this commit:
> commit c83702a764c3099df50f215b8e79e07344e34a1a
> Author: Felipe Balbi <>
> Date: Thu Feb 19 12:29:40 2009 +0000
> input: lm8323: get rid of useless debug macro
> we can use dev_vdbg() which is only true when VERBOSE is enabled.
> Part of this commit removed the "default" values for platform parameters, but
> set the N810's size_y to 8 instead of the earlier default of 12. Changing this
> to 12 (patch to follow) fixes the keyboard regression. Note, the total keys on
> the N810 is in fact under 64, so 8x8 seems correct. Not sure why it doesn't
> work like that in practise. I did notice a curious line in the driver that
> might (or might not) be related/wrong...
> drivers/input/keyboard/lm8323.c line 353:
> int keysize = (lm->size_x << 4) | lm->size_y;
> Shouldn't this be lm->size_x * lm->size_y?

Are you sure that was the commit that changed it ?
that commit is only getting rid of the debug() macro and making use of

If you had just followed git blame you'd see that was already the
default value on n810's lm8323 platform_data since the initial import of
that code into linux-omap.

I do recall testing my patches on n810 before sending them upstream and
they were working. How are you testing this ? which tree are you using ?
did you try changing that keysize calculation ? Do you see irqs comming?
Any debugging messages ?


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