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Subject/proc/kcore has a unreasonable size(281474974617600) in x86_64 2.6.30-rc8.
Hi list,
In 2.6.30-rc8, /proc/kcore in x86_64's size is unreasonable large
to be 281474974617600.
While in a x86 box, it is 931131392 which looks sane.

[root@test8 ~]# ll /proc/kcore
-r-------- 1 root root 281474974617600 Jun 5 11:15 /proc/kcore

[root@ocfs2-test9 ~]$ ll /proc/kcore
-r-------- 1 root root 931131392 Jun 5 11:58 /proc/kcore

I just noticed this when kexec fails in "Can't find kernel text map area
from kcore".

Is there something wrong?


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