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Subject[2.6.30-rc8] gcc 3.3 : __udivdi3 undefined.
[2.6.30-rc8] gcc 3.3 : __udivdi3 undefined.

"make allmodconfig" + "CONFIG_KVM=n" on 2.6.30-rc8 triggers build failure
when built with gcc 3.3.5 .

# make -s
/usr/src/all/vanilla/src/linux-2.6.30-rc8/arch/x86/Makefile:82: stack protector enabled but no compiler support
WARNING: modpost: Found 2 section mismatch(es).
To see full details build your kernel with:
arch/x86/mm/built-in.o(.init.text+0x43f7): In function `__change_page_attr':
arch/x86/mm/pageattr.c:114: undefined reference to `__udivdi3'
make: *** [.tmp_vmlinux1] Error 1

CONFIG_KVM=n is for avoiding gcc's internal error ( ).

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