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SubjectRe: [BUG] MIPS: Hibernation in the latest linux-mips:master branch not work
Wu Zhangjin 写道:
> Hi,
> I just updated my git repository to the master branch of the latest
> linux-mips git repository, and tested the STD/Hibernation support on
> fuloong2e and yeeloong2f, it failed:
> when using the no_console_suspend kernel command line to debug, it
> stopped on:
> PM: Shringking memory... done (1000 pages freed)
> PM: Freed 160000 kbytes in 1.68 seconds (95.23 MB/s)
> PM: Creating hibernation image:
> PM: Need to copy 5053 pages
> PM: Hibernation image created (4195 pages copied)
> and then, the number indicator light of keyboard works well, but can not
> type anything.
Are there any other information about it? such as: it just freezes
there, or IDE irq lost messages after some time?

Is it duplicable every time?
> anybody have tested it on another platform? does it work?
> Regards,
> Wu Zhangjin

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