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SubjectRe: splice methods in character device driver
Hello all,

On Wed, May 13, 2009 at 6:59 PM, Steve Rottinger <> wrote:
> is passing in the pages into splice_to_pipe.  The pages are associated
> with a PCI BAR, not main memory.  I'm wondering if this could be a problem?
Good question; my newbie answer would be the pages need to be mapped
in kernel space.

I have a similar use case but with memory being DMA'd to host main
memory (instead of the data sitting in your PCI device) in a character
device driver. The driver is a complete rewrite from scratch from
what's currently sitting-butt-ugly in staging/altpcichdma.c

I have already implemented zero-latency overlapping transfers in the
DMA engine (i.e. it never sits idle if async I/O is performed through
threads), now it would be really cool to add zero-copy.

What is it my driver is expected to do?


- Allocate a bunch of single pages
- Create a scatter-gather list
- "stuff the data pages in question into a struct page *pages[]." a la
- Start the DMA from the device to the pages (i.e. the transfer)
- Return.


- Create a scatter-gather list

interrupt handler / DMA service routine:
- device book keeping
- wake_up_interruptible(transfer_queue)


"then you need to provide a suitable ->confirm() hook that can wait on
this IO to complete if needed."
- wait_on_event_interruptibe(transfer_queue)


- release the pages





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