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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 2/6] mips dynamic function tracer support
wu zhangjin wrote:
> hi,
> sorry, I'm so late to reply your E-mail, a little busy these days.
>> }
>> ----------arch/mips/kernel/module.c:apply_r_mips_26_rel()-------------------
>> v is kernel _mcount's address, location is the address of the instrution
>> that should be relocated;
>> To resolve this problem, we may need to do more work, either on gcc or on
>> the kernel. So I want to hear your test result and if you have solution,
>> please let me know.
> yes, current version of mips-specific dynamic ftrace not support modules yet.
> there is similar solution implemented in PowerPC(something named trampoline),
> although I did not look into it, but I'm sure we can implement the
> mips-specific one
> via imitating it.
Good hit. I may have a look on Powerpc implementation.

> and currently, I'm planning to fix it in the -v3 of mips-specific
> ftrace support.
OK. I'm looking forward to your -v3 patches.

Liming Wang
> best wishes,
> Wu Zhangjin

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