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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] New AT91 MCI Driver that supports both MCI slots used at the same time
    Nicolas Ferre wrote:
    > This systematic reset was remove by Haavard with this comment:
    > "Also, don't reset the controller between each transfer. That was an
    > attempt to work around earlier bugs, and it never really worked very
    > well."

    I disagree with Haavard. Without the reset my sam9261 would exhibit DAT0
    contention, early interrupts, and other problems. Adding the reset was a
    major improvement. I emailed you some screenshots on April 10 2009 that
    demonstrate my testing. Let me know offline if either you or Havaard did
    not get the email and I can resend.

    Maybe the problems are limited to this chip? We should discuss this further.


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