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SubjectRe: Kernel testing in a VM good idea?
2009/6/27 James Dolan <>:
> Are there any disadvantages to testing/developing a kernel in a VM ? (i
> luck the availability of hardware)

To start with the obvious, with a VM you don't need extra hardware. If
you make a silly mistake and trash the filesystem all you need to do
is copy a file, not reinstall a whole system. The hack/install/test
cycle can be as quick and easy as "make && ./", instead of
requiring you to copy files across to another machine, reboot, etc.
You can easily script tests, e.g. to create and boot from a COW image,
drive the VM through its console, then run checks within the VM and
externally for whatever it is you testing. You can give those scripts
and images to others to use, too.


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