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SubjectRe: + memory-hotplug-alloc-page-from-other-node-in-memory-online.patch added to -mm tree
On Tue, Jun 30, 2009 at 06:07:16AM +0800, Christoph Lameter wrote:
> On Mon, 29 Jun 2009, wrote:
> > To initialize hotadded node, some pages are allocated. At that time, the
> > node hasn't memory, this makes the allocation always fail. In such case,
> > let's allocate pages from other nodes.
> Thats bad. Could you populate the buddy list with some large pages from
> the beginning of the node instead of doing this special casing? The
> vmemmap and other stuff really should come from the node that is added.
> Otherwise off node memory accesses will occur constantly for processors on
> that node.
Ok, this is preferred. But the node hasn't any memory present at that time,
let me check how could we do it.


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