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SubjectRe: [PATCH, v3] eeepc-laptop: Fix build failure with HOTPLUG_PCI && !SYSFS (was: [git pull request] ACPI & driver patches for 2.6.31-rc1)

* Len Brown <> wrote:

> Thanks for fixing this config, Ingo.
> I agree, our build system can handle "depends",
> but "select" does not deliver on what it advertises,
> making it a trap for programmers.

Hm, this portion of Kconfig is a trap in a way indeed - on the other
hand it is also a useful tool and the simplistic approach to
disallow select altogether is a step backwards.

IIRC either Vegard or Steve has come up with a patch series that
improved Kconfig to warn about problem selects while still allowing
the simple ones. That would deflect most of the bad uses while still
allowing the good uses. Not sure what happened to that series.


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