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SubjectRE: [PATCH 9/9] x86/apic: support moorestown interrupt subsystem
>Yes, completely separate out the 8259.  I believe that complete
>separation will come for free if you move the ioapic earlier.
>What kind of PIC is native?

[[JPAN]] the emulated IOAPIC is for the south complex, and north complex
has true PCI MSI capability so it does not need an ioapic. There is no native
hw interrupt controller, all interrupts are forwarded by the FW and delivered
to local APIC via FSB writes (kind of).

The programming interface for the emulated ioapic is compatiable but there are
are some special "features" such as no special/legacy entries such as cascade
i8259, hpet legacy replacement routes (2,8), etc.

I will add a more detail introduction in the next version of this patch set.

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