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SubjectRe: Status of bzip2 and lzma kernel compression for ARM?
On 06/29/2009 02:21 PM, Mike Rapoport wrote:
> Alain Knaff wrote:
>> Alain Knaff wrote:
>>> Attached is a version of the ARM patch for 2.6.30
>>> There seems to be some issues with the include files (which did not pose
>>> any problems in 2.6.28...), but hopefully somebody more experienced with
>>> the ARM architecture (and with its recent development) than I can help
>>> out there.
>>> Regards,
>>> Alain
>> Actually, the needed changes turned out to be easier than I initially
>> feared. Attached a version that compiles all right.
> I gave it a quick test and it hangs before "Decompressing kernel" is output.
> I hope I'll have time this week to debug what's wrong there.
Same here. I compiled 3 kernels with each option with no problem, but
none goes beyond the "Uncompressing Linux.." message. I am using a CALAO
USB-A9263 board with the AT91SAM9263 chip.

This means that even zlib compression is broken with this patch.

I hope I can work on this too.

Thanks anyway!



Michael Opdenacker, Free Electrons
Kernel, drivers and embedded Linux development,
consulting, training and support.

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