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SubjectRe: [BUG] Linux-2.6.31-rc1 Fails To Recognize Some USB Disks
>>>>> "Tarkan" == Tarkan Erimer <> writes:

Tarkan> version=0x00 [no conformance claimed]

Wow, that's super lame. And somewhat odd because WDC are usually pretty
good at USB-SATA bridge protocol compliance. But in any case this is
unrelated to your problems.

My concern was that our recent changes to the capacity detection in SCSI
failed for your device. However, given your attached log it looks like
it's a USB issue. And rereading your original log it also looks like
you had a USB timeout which coincided with READ CAPACITY failing.

So I'm deferring to the USB folks.

Tarkan> [160848.805027] usb 5-8: reset high speed USB device using
Tarkan> ehci_hcd and address 7

Martin K. Petersen Oracle Linux Engineering

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