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SubjectRe: [PATCH] kconfig: simplification of scripts/extract-ikconfig
On Monday 2009-06-29 10:51, Amerigo Wang wrote:
| Does this work?
| My quick test shows no...
| I still can't get the right offset number with this trick.
| P.S. My grep is 2.5.1.

I've tested the script with grep 2.5.1, and it works for me. Can you be
more specific about what you think is wrong with the offsets? You need
to be aware of the fact that because "tr" replaces the first character
of the pattern by a newline, an offset will be 1 higher than the start
of the original pattern. The resulting offsets are therefore 1-based
instead of 0-based, which is exactly what "tail" expects for the "-c"


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