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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/2] fix gpio-keys debouncing and timer sleep issues
On Mon, 2009-06-29 at 07:59 +0200, ext Dmitry Torokhov wrote:
> I intend to apply the both patches. It is unfortunate that we need to
> use both a timer and a workqueue, I wonder what would it take to
> implement something like reschedule_delayed_work() that would adjust
> the delay in the same fashion that mod_timer() does?

Hi Dmitry -

Since a delayed_work is simply a work_struct and a timer_list, the only
overhead here is the one line timer function. A work_struct per button
is of course an addition to the original in both Alek's patch and mine,
but I guess there are no alternatives if gpio_get_value may sleep.

I did think about something like reschedule_delayed_work myself, but
tackling the locking issues seemed like too much work compared to this
simple solution.


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