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Hi Jamie,

> For those of us who don't want to omit the code, because we like
> compatibility and we're not in affected countries, or for research, it
> would be useful to have it as a mount option.

For research I think having to recompile the module is not a big

The compatibility argument is more debatable, and if the patch
involved the loss of a large degree of functionality then I would
probably agree. As it is, the patch loses very little functionality -
it is hard to find real scenarios where not storing a 8.3 name along
with the long name will actually cause any problems.

I also don't think it is worth having a different kernel in different
countries for this change, again because the loss of functionality is
so small. The relevant patents exist in several countries (in various
forms), and while the US might be the country of choice for enforcing
patents it is not the only country where patents are a concern.

I would rather see us err on the side of caution and ensure that
Microsoft is not left with an opportunity to continue to spread FUD
about Linux with regards to these patents.

Cheers, Tridge

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