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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/6] staging: android: binder: Remove some funny && usage
> 2009/6/19 Daniel Walker <>
>> Most of these questions related to the fact that I don't think an
>> interface like this just slips into the kernel as a driver. Since it's
>> IPC, it's totally generic, and it's not part of a standard (i.e. POSIX),
>> we need to have some better and more specific information about it (or
>> atleast I do).
> Hi, sorry I have been slow to respond. I can give a summary of how
> binder is used in the Android platform and the associated feature set.
> I won't try to address other options, especially D-Bus, because
> honestly I haven't been following it for the last 3 or so years so
> don't really know its current state of art.
> Dianne Hackborn
Um. You means that Android team selected Openbinder of beOS from Palm
for IPC mechanism in Android software stack 3 years ago.

At that time,
Framework team used Binder(= modified Openbinder core only) just
because D-bus is a premature for android opensource project like belows.
- dbus-0.1.tar.gz (12-Jan-2005 17:20 , 309K)

After all,
Current android software stack consists of two IPC equipments like
Binder and D-bus without especial goal ( ? ) .

> I think the biggest issue I have with the binder implementation is that
> it's doing far too much in the kernel, it's not just IPC. It's also
> thread management, memory management, and lots of other stuff that I
> haven't figured out yet .. A lot of it can already be done in userspace.
> Daniel
I agree with your opinions.
I want android framework team to improve IPC from two(Binder and D-ubs)
to one in the future.

D-bus is stable and mature for IPC currently as we all know.
This is used in the linux based distributions like Fedora, Ubuntu,
Suse successfully. D-bus also is connecting Udev(Userspace Device)
and sysfs(system filesystem)
well in embedded linux products as Nokie released commericial N8XX products.
I think that In theory as well as in practice, the idea of two IPCs was unsound.


GeunSik Lim ( Samsung Electronics )
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