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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/2] Macros for section name cleanup
On Tue, Jun 23, 2009 at 07:57:30PM -0400, Tim Abbott wrote:
> These are the remaining changes from my previous macros for section
> name cleanup patch series that were not subsumed by Sam Ravnborg's
> recent update to (commit
> 7923f90fffa8746f6457d4eea2109fd3d6414189).
> I've dropped the patch reworking __read_mostly to be a generic thing
> in include/linux/cache.h. I think the consensus on that patch was
> that we should first make all the architectures support
> .data.read_mostly in their linker scripts and then do a single patch
> removing all the architecture implementations in favor of a single one
> in include/linux/cache.h.
> The long-term goal here is to add support for building the kernel with
> -ffunction-sections -fdata-sections. This requires renaming all the
> magic section names in the kernel of the form,,
>, and to not have collisions with sections
> generated for code like:
> static int nosave = 0; /* -fdata-sections places in .data.nosave */
> static void head(); /* -ffunction-sections places in .text.head */
> Sam Ravnborg proposed that rather than just renaming all the sections
> outright, we should start by first getting more control over the
> section names used in the kernel so that we can later rename sections
> without touching too many files. This patch series provides the
> architecture-independent macros needed for that cleanup.
> Tim Abbott (2):
> Add new macros for page-aligned data and bss sections.
> Add new __init_task_data macro to be used in arch init_task.c files.

Applied all thre patches from you - replacing one from Jesper Nilsson
with the one from you.


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