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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Added CONFIG_VFAT_FS_DUALNAMES option wrote:
> This is a new patch for VFAT long filename support, replacing the one
> that I posted last month. It retains a lot more functionality then the
> previous patch.
> A FAQ will be posted immediately after this patch to answer the
> questions that were raised from the previous discussion.

From a purely technical perspective, there is a major advantage to this
patch: it creates a "pure VFAT" filesystem, without a spurious filename
alias which still occupies namespace, hiddenly, and therefore could
cause an ill-defined amount of problems. UMSDOS at least had the
decency to not expose its shortnames to a longname-aware OS.

However, as such it really should be paired with a "don't even recognize
the shortname if a longname exists" option.

It's also questionable IMO if this shouldn't be another FAT superdriver,
just as we have VFAT, MS-DOS etc. we could have "purevfat".


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