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SubjectRE: [PATCH 8/9] x86/apic: match destination id with destination mode
>Ingo Molnar <> writes:
>> The question here is whether this should layer on top of Jeremy's
>> IO-APIC driverization patches. I think it should.
>The patch is a bad hack that is totally misdocumented. A bit
>like the Xen apic changes in that respect.
>I haven't seen Jeremy's IO-APIC driverization patches.
>I am stumped why we need any driverization in this area. x86_64 and has
>had for years a mechanism that is perfectly fine for abstracting this.
>i386 also has had something similar and last I looked we just about
>had that code merged.
>Xen doesn't have ioapics so it doesn't need us faking writes to
>ioapics. Xen either needs to parse the ioapic tables itself
>or Xen needs a proper interface to be given the table information.
>I this patch can be replaced by a 2 line change to the apic mode
>logic to force us into physflat mode on moorestown.

[[JPAN]] For Moorestown production silicon, we will use apic_default which uses
logical dest mode. This patch is not required.
But, I think it is wrong to assign destination ID without looking at the mode
bit. If we have a new apic_xxxx with phy dest mode, we would have logical APIC
ID assigned to physical mode.

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