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    SubjectRe: 2.6.31-rc1: parisc: multiple PCI BAR collisions
    On Fri, Jun 26, 2009 at 12:58:22PM +0400, Alexander Beregalov wrote:
    > Hi
    > Hardware is HP j6000.
    > It cannot initialize many PCI devices (sym53c8xx, tulip, STI,
    > usb(onci)) and cannot boot (no root device).
    > Messages like this:
    > sym53c8xx 0:0:0f.0: device not available because of BAR 1 [0xf4005000
    > - 0xf40053ff] collisions.

    Yup - I found that out yesterday too. Console output is here:

    but in an IRC conversation it' clear I only dumped the "elmmio" and not
    the regular "lmmio" resource request. Need to dump both.

    I'm pretty sure this is a problem of the root bus resources not getting
    setup correctly. I'm not clear on what's wrong. jejb and willy are looking
    at it now as well.


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