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SubjectRealistically possible to run a IA64 big-endian process using register?
I'm just wondering if anyone has tried to run a long-lived big-endian
process on IA64 by setting the bit from user space. As an
example, it appears that OpenSSL md5 code uses this register to switch
endian modes at runtime, but it does so only for some computation code
that doesn't make any syscalls.

According to
Cleared when entering fsys-mode. A srlz.d instruction is used
to ensure the CPU is in little-endian mode before the first
load/store instruction is executed. is normally NOT
restored upon return from an fsys-mode handler. In other
words, user-level code must not rely on being preserved
across a system call."

Can the library calls be wrapped to ensure any data handling is
performed and the bit is set after they return?

Disclaimer: Please don't hit me. :) I understand this is ugly, but I'm
just looking to see if we can experiment with this and if anyone has
attempted it before. The code can not be reliably made endian neutral
in any reasonable time frame.


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