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SubjectKsplice updates for Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty

The Ksplice team [1] is now providing rebootless kernel updates for Ubuntu
9.04 Jaunty to anyone who configures their machine to receive them [2].
In short, users can click a few buttons and start getting all of the
Ubuntu kernel security updates applied to their system without rebooting.
No initial kernel changes are needed.


I first mentioned Ksplice to the LKML in April 2008 [3], and since then
we've submitted several rounds of Ksplice patches [4,5,6]. So far we've
gotten various improvements related to Ksplice merged into mainline.


Ksplice applies traditional source code patches to unmodified Linux
kernels. It can be used to apply all of the Linux security patches over
multiple years [7], and it can also apply reliability patches and other
bug fixes, such as from the Linux stable tree.


- Jeff

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