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SubjectRe: S+core architecture (arch/score/) support files
Date 写于 2009-06-24 15:07:08:

> The problem is just that if the code is not tested in its
> current configuration it will most likely not work (unless you're a
> coder, but most of us are not). And merging code that doesn't work
> make sense.
> The need for a full retest after the changes inspired by review
> feedback is somewhat annoying -- I agree -- but there's really
> no way around it that I know.
> BTW I'm not saying that LTP is the perfect user test (it's definitely
> not), but it's a relatively useful basic sanity check and you
> should pass something like this at least. Other real user testing would
> be still needed too of course then.

Thanks Andi,

In fact, what I worry about is leaving score outside upstream,
Few person will pay attation to asm-generic/score patches.
When score kernel/glibc finish its update and passed LTP,
We still could not catch up people's suggestion.

Best Regards

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