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SubjectMain things left in linux-next
Hi All,

$ git diff --shortstat -M stable..HEAD^
587 files changed, 27313 insertions(+), 12317 deletions(-)

We seem to be going backwards :-( Yesterday's was:
556 files changed, 27596 insertions(+), 7123 deletions(-)

$ git diff --dirstat -M stable..HEAD^
4.9% Documentation/powerpc/dts-bindings/
5.1% Documentation/powerpc/
3.0% Documentation/vm/
3.9% arch/sparc/
3.9% arch/x86/kvm/
4.4% arch/x86/
6.9% drivers/md/
4.7% drivers/misc/
9.8% drivers/staging/et131x/
4.3% drivers/staging/
6.6% drivers/usb/otg/
14.5% drivers/
5.5% include/linux/
12.6% mm/

The main obvious things left are:

SLQB from the slab tree
an m68k update
an ocfs2 update
the reiserfs kill-the-bkl effort
an acpi update
a kvm update
some more cpumask work from the rr tree
the writeback changes form the block tree
a device-mapper update
a battery tree update
a leds tree update
osdblk from the osd tree
the new hwlat tree
devtmpfs from the driver-core tree (hmmm?)

Please do not shoot the messenger. :-)
Stephen Rothwell
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