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SubjectRe: S+core architecture (arch/score/) support files
Andi Kleen <> 写于 2009-06-23 20:06:00:

> IMHO a full successfull LTP run should be minimal criterium for
> merging an architecture. That should catch most of the possible
> "simple" mistakes in the syscall ABI. I would suggest to wait to after
> this has been done.

Oh, Andi, it isn't a short time work. especially we use
asm-generic/unistd.h instead of score old asm/unistd.h.
You see, the most work was focus on glibc/applications. 写于 2009-06-23 18:51:47:

> Before we commit the code to,
> Linux had run on spct6600 score platform well.
> It had passed LTP test and could run many general applications.
> S+core application depend on glibc-2.3.6, which support static
> and dynamic applications.

void merge_score_to_upstream(void)
if (asm-generic is the right direction for all linux arch) {
if (merge score code) {
It's easy for us to update score code and
commit the asm-generic problems we meet.
} else {
People will pay no attation to score/asm-generic
printk("it haven't help asm-generic to stable.");
else {
we could use score old asm/unistd.h instead.

I think merge score to upstream will be no harm to linux kernel.

Christoph Hellwig <> 写于 2009-06-23 22:50:59:

> Still doesn't seem to be quite uptodate in the ptrace area, e.g. not
> using regsets at all. It would be really helpful if the final ptrace
> code could be ran past Roland McGrath as the ptrace maintainer.

As a new comer, we don't know what we should or shouldn't do,
Since we begin to commit linux/score code to, we found
the best way is as simple as possible, because in linux world
people also have the different suggestions, it will make us
confused and don't know what todo next soon.

The simple code has little error. We think it isn't the right
time to add utrace code so we don't do it.

Best Regards
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