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SubjectRegression with commit f9cde5f in 2.6.30-gitX
My latest pull from Linus's tree fails to boot. Bisection leads to the
commit entitled "x86/ACPI: Correct maximum allowed _CRS returned
resources and warn if exceeded" with hash
f9cde5ffed17bf74f6bef042d99edb0622f58576. I have been unable to
capture the first error message as it scrolls off the screen, but the
second hits the WARN_ON at drivers/ata/ahci.c:695 in routine
ahci_enable_ahci() because HOST_AHCI_EN is not set.

The modules involved in the disk driver are:

amd74xx 7152 0
ide_core 107120 2 ide_cd_mod,amd74xx
ahci 36992 7
libata 168764 1 ahci
scsi_mod 159392 4 usb_storage,sg,sd_mod,libata

Please let me know what other info is needed.


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