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SubjectRe: cmd64x: irq 14: nobody cared - system is dreadfully slow
From: Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2009 18:13:08 +0200

> On Tuesday 23 June 2009 16:58:54 Frans Pop wrote:
>> So it seems to me that in 2.6.26 something was broken in the way these ID
>> fields were handled, at least in this check. This is now fixed (possibly
> Great debugging work, thanks!

Indeed, thanks for all of that work Frans!

>> by the changes around 5b90e990..48fb2688) and *that* causes the
>> regression. Note that the hard disks are also affected.
> I see it now -- in commit c419993 ("ide-iops: only clear DMA words
> on setting DMA mode") we fixed a bug in ide_config_drive_speed()..
> [ It was a real bug resulting in incorrect data being passed to
> the user-space through HDIO_GET_IDENTITY ioctl ('hdparm -i'). ]

Given all of this I also agree that we should apply Bart's patch to
remove the debugging check altogether, and I will thus do that right

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