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SubjectRe: [RFC][ PATCH -tip v2 0/7] kprobes: Kprobes jump optimization support
Ingo Molnar wrote:
>> Ingo Molnar wrote:
>>> * Masami Hiramatsu <> wrote:
>>>> o Usage
>>>> Set CONFIG_OPTPROBES=y when building a kernel, then all *probes will be
>>>> optimized if possible.
>>> Should be default-y if KPROBES is enabled. I.e. we really only want
>>> to disable it to debug potential issues.
>> Sure, thanks!
> Plus i'd suggest a runtime control (a sysctl) as well - if it's not
> too intrusive. Since this is an optional speedup feature, distros
> can have this enabled and if there's some problem with it then it
> can still be disabled in sysctl.conf, without having to rebuild the
> kernel.

The runtime control is a good idea. Btw, current kprobes already has
a runtime disable interface under sysfs. Is there any reason that we'd
better to use sysctl instead of sysfs?

Thank you,

Masami Hiramatsu

Software Engineer
Hitachi Computer Products (America), Inc.
Software Solutions Division


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