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SubjectRe: [PATCH] SST25L (non JEDEC) SPI Flash driver
2009/6/22 Ryan Mallon <>:

> Out of curiosity: I'm not too clear on what makes a particular chip
> hot-pluggable. I think technically the sst25l chip could be put onto a
> hot-pluggable board or power domain. Can't most devices be made
> hot-pluggable? Is the general rule to make devices non hot-pluggable if
> most/all boards in the mainline do not allow it to be hot-plugged?

I haven't seen any rule about it, but nominally the drivers support the
configurations found in the kernel tree, so if some board physically
existing and soon-to-run linux hotplugs chips like this, then have it
__dev{init|exit} else __{init|exit} IMHO.

Of course you can design for all plausible use cases but it will pile up
indefinitely. Personally I try to not design software for a hardware until it
exists, and I like the IETF catch-phrase "rough consensus and running
code" and this sort of fits that :-)

Linus Walleij

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