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SubjectRE: [RFC v5][PATCH 0b/4] intel_txt: Intel(R) Trusted Execution Technology support for Linux - Details
> From: Alan Cox []
> Sent: Tuesday, June 23, 2009 2:11 AM
> Is there a summary of what has changes from RFC v4 ?

- The monolithic patch was broken into four patches that represent discrete functionality (boot and build, reboot/halt shutdown, Sx shutdown, forcing DMAR on). An appropriate (and more descriptive) patch description was added to each patch.

- Small stylistic cleanups (capitalization, comment wording, whitespace, etc.).

- The code in hwsleep.c that populated the tboot ACPI structures was moved into its own function in tboot.c.

- Use pr_warning(), pr_info(), pr_debug().

- Moved some #include's from the middle of tboot.c to the top.

- Changed the memory type of the tboot shared page from E820_UNUSABLE to E820_RESERVED (really a change to tboot, but requires a change here in the checking code).

And the new patches that I'm about to send have notes in the top indicating their changes from the previous versions.


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