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SubjectRe: [perf] howto switch from pfmon
Ingo Molnar wrote:
> * Ingo Molnar <> wrote:
>> $ perf stat -e cycles -e instructions -e r1000ffe0 ./hackbench 10
>> Time: 0.186
> Correction: that should be r10000ffe0.

Oh thanks a lot, it seems to work now!

One strange thing I noticed: sometimes perf reports that there were some
accesses to target numa nodes 4-7 while my box only has 4 numa nodes:
If I request counters only for the non-existing target numa nodes (4-7,
with -e r1000010e0 -e r1000020e0 -e r1000040e0 -e r1000080e0), I always
get 4 zeros.
But if I mix some couinters from the existing nodes (0-3) with some
counters from non-existing nodes (4-7), the non-existing ones report
some small but non-empty values.
Does it ring any bell?


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