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Subject[perf] howto switch from pfmon

I am trying to play with perfcounters in current git (actually in latest
mmotm). I'd like to reproduce what I previously did with pfmon, but I
couldn't so far.

Something like
pfmon --follow-exec 'foobar' -e
-- <shell script>
gives the number of memory accesses to dram node #0 and #1 for all
processes whose name matches 'foobar'.

So there are several questions here:
1) is it possible to specify counter names like the above or do we have
to use raw counter numbers? I tried raw numbers from [1] without
success. How am I supposed to find and specify these raw numbers?
2) how do we specify "subevents"?
3) is there anything similar to --follow-exec, or --follow-pthreads for
getting separated outputs for each thread?

I guess there are still a lot of things on the TODOlist but I'd like to
understand a bit more where things are going. Sorry I didn't read all
the archives about this, there are way too many of them recently :)



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