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SubjectRe: cmd64x: irq 14: nobody cared - system is dreadfully slow
On Monday 22 June 2009, Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz wrote:
> On Monday 22 June 2009 17:16:04 Frans Pop wrote:
> Thanks. Please notice 0701 0701 words above -- it means that this
> device reports both SWDMA0 and MWDMA0 enabled at once (which results
> in IDE layer failing DMA tuning).
> The patch below should fix it

Yes, this gives back MWDMA2 for hdd.

> and it would be quite interesting to try
> it on vanilla kernel to see if it helps with unexpected IRQ problem.

Will do later.

> However this still doesn't explain the regression fully -- we had
> ide_id_dma_bug() checks since Dec 2007 (and equivalent
> ide_dma_verbose() ones since almost forever) while 2.6.26 (which works
> fine) is much younger than that. I suspect that there are some other
> kernel changes coming into the picture (Power Management?). Would it
> be possible to try 2.6.2[78] and/or bisect this problem further?

I suspect commit 8d64fcd9 "ide: identify data word 53 bit 1 doesn't cover
words 62 and 63 (take 3)":
@@ -396,15 +393,14 @@ int ide_id_dma_bug(ide_drive_t *drive)

if (id[ATA_ID_FIELD_VALID] & 4) {
if ((id[ATA_ID_UDMA_MODES] >> 8) &&
(id[ATA_ID_MWDMA_MODES] >> 8))
goto err_out;
- } else if (id[ATA_ID_FIELD_VALID] & 2) {
- if ((id[ATA_ID_MWDMA_MODES] >> 8) &&
- (id[ATA_ID_SWDMA_MODES] >> 8))
- goto err_out;
- }
+ } else if ((id[ATA_ID_MWDMA_MODES] >> 8) &&
+ (id[ATA_ID_SWDMA_MODES] >> 8))
+ goto err_out;

The logs I posted were from 2.6.30. I also tried 2.6.29 and that did *not*
yet have the DMA problem. The commit above is from the 2.6.30 development
cycle, so that fits. I expect you can verify it from the identify data.

> From: Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz <>
> Subject: [PATCH] ide: relax DMA info validity checking
> There are some broken devices that report multiple DMA xfer modes
> enabled at once (ATA spec doesn't allow it) but otherwise work fine
> with DMA so just delete ide_id_dma_bug().

The question is maybe: are there other devices that currently have dma
disabled because of the (old) code and would stop working with
ide_id_dma_bug() completely removed? The conservative thing to do I guess
would be to reverse 8d64fcd9.

There is one thing I should mention here. I have been seeing the following
error with this CD drive:
ide-cd: hdd: weird block size 2352
ide-cd: hdd: default to 2kb block size

This was present with 2.6.26 and also now with 2.6.31; not sure about
older kernels. I initially saw it with a self-burned Debian installation
CD. I also now see it with an audio CD. It does not seem to affect
reading the disks: installations go fine and the audio CD plays without
any problems.

Any risk this may be related to something we've been discussing so far, or
is this a separate issue?

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