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SubjectRe: [KVM PATCH v8 3/3] KVM: add iosignalfd support

>>> + * Design note: We create one PIO/MMIO device (iosignalfd_group) which
>>> + * aggregates one or more iosignalfd_items. Each item points to exactly one
>>> + * eventfd, and can be registered to trigger on any write to the group
>>> + * (wildcard), or to a write of a specific value. If more than one item is to
>>> + * be supported, the addr/len ranges must all be identical in the group. If a
>>> + * trigger value is to be supported on a particular item, the group range must
>>> + * be exactly the width of the trigger.
>> Some duplicate spaces in the text above, apparently at random places.
> Can you elaborate?

I see "aggregates one". The others are all at end of sentence, so I
think that Michael was not talking about those (git grep '\*.*\. ').


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