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    SubjectRe: I.9 - Group reading
    > 9/ Group reading
    > It is possible to start/stop an event group simply via ioctl() on
    > the group leader. However, it is not possible to read all the
    > counts with a single with a single read() system call. That seems
    > odd. Furhermore, I believe you want reads to be as atomic as
    > possible.

    If you want an atomic snapshot you can do it: disable the group,
    read out the counts, enable the group.

    But, as your other comment under I/5 indicates, there are ways to
    read out the PMU directly, via RDPMC instructions. Those are not
    atomic either if used for multiple counters. Is your argument that
    they are thus useless?

    But if there is a strong use-case we can add PERF_FORMAT_GROUP.

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