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SubjectRE: Xen vs. KVM
> 2009/6/15 <>
>> I have worked with both KVM and XEN and to be honest, XEN is infested
>> with
>> bugs -- mostly of the paging type -- and you need an logic analyzer of
>> an
>> ICE to debug some of it. I have nothing but trouble with it. KVM is
>> more
>> stable but also sucks on performance, but I occasionally see the same
>> issues.
> This is bullshit.
> KVM is buggy und very unstable. It´s NOT RECOMMENDED for production usage.
> Xen is fully developed, fast and more reliable than KVM.
> Thousands of companies are using Xen or Citrix XenServer and its super
> fast, easy to use and 100% rockstable!
> The XEN PV Guest drivers are excellent in comparison with the KVM windows
> guest drivers. (after installing the 64 bit networking drivers with Server
> 2008 x64 > blue screen...).. I hate kvm.
> @ Linus : Please merge xen as hypervisor into linux, right now !
> -
> Morten

They are both buggy. but Xen is BUGGIER.

Before you call bullshit try eating your own dogfood. I threw both of
these pieces of shit away in the trash and went back to VMWare, which is
slower than crap, but it least it fucking works.


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