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Subject[PATCH 00/17] [RFC] AFS: Implement OpenAFS pioctls(version)s

This series of patches provides a pioctl() system call, and makes kAFS use it
to provide a number of of the OpenAFS pioctl functions sufficient to allow a
number of OpenAFS userspace utilities work with kAFS.

File-requiring pioctls have been tested with:

[root@andromeda ~]# fs getfid /afs
File /afs (1.1.0) contained in volume 1
[root@andromeda ~]# fs whichcell /afs
File /afs lives in cell ''
[root@andromeda ~]# fs examine /afs
fs: You don't have the required access rights on '/afs'
[root@andromeda ~]# fs whereis /afs
File /afs is on host

Non-file-requiring pioctls for manipulating authentication tokens have been
tested with:

[root@andromeda ~]# kinit admin/admin
Password for admin/admin@PROCYON.ORG.UK:
[root@andromeda ~]# klog admin
[root@andromeda ~]# keyctl show
Session Keyring
-3 --alswrv 0 0 keyring: _ses
939040040 --als--v 0 0 \_ rxrpc: afs@PROCYON.ORG.UK
[root@andromeda ~]# fs examine /afs
File /afs (1.1.32558) contained in volume 1
Volume status for vid = 536870912 named
Current disk quota is 5000
Current blocks used are 2
The partition has 39007484 blocks available out of 39187776

[root@andromeda ~]# aklog
[root@andromeda ~]# keyctl show
Session Keyring
-3 --alswrv 0 0 keyring: _ses
660792724 --als--v 0 0 \_ rxrpc: afs@PROCYON.ORG.UK
[root@andromeda ~]# tokens

Tokens held by the Cache Manager:

User's (AFS ID 10143) tokens for afs@PROCYON.ORG.UK [Expires Jun 17 00:47]
--End of list--

The AFS keys probably should be in their own keyring which is linked to from
the session keyring.

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