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SubjectRe: crypt issue with 2.6.30/gcc 4.4.0?
Udo van den Heuvel writes:
> Hello,
> I am having trouble decrypting my dm-crypted disks with 2.6.30.
> works fine with the same encrypted disks.
> I've been upgrading to Fedora 11 in the past few days so now GCC 4.4.0
> is the compiler, that may (also) be a factor.
> On I see the encryption password prompt being buried by a lot
> of USB-messages from connected gear. I can 'blindly' type my password
> and asterisks appear for each letter. At the end of the password I press
> Enter; a complaint about the partition table for md1 is displayed and
> booting continues.
> With 2.6.30 I see the Password prompt being repeated, after all the USB
> messages, as soon as I press the first letter of the password. Each time
> the password is entered it is not accepted and a new Password: prompt is
> printed up to a total of three tries.
> For all of these boots into or 2.6.30 the userland etc is the
> same (Fedora 11), it is just that was built while running
> Fedora 10 and 2.6.30 is now built with the tools in 2.6.30.
> I did boot into 2.6.30 (built while running Fedora 10) successfully
> once, right after the upgrade to Fedora 11. Later I made small changes
> to the kernel config and rebuilt the kernel and this made the encryption
> password fail. A `make clean` and rebuild does not fix the issue
> How can I find out what's the cause for the password issue?

Instead of changing two variables at once (kernel version AND gcc version)
you keep one constant and vary the other.

IOW, rebuild with gcc-4.4 and test.
Then rebuild 2.6.30 with gcc-4.3 or older and test.

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