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SubjectRe: [PATCH] TOMOYO: Add garbage collector support. (v2)
Quoting Tetsuo Handa (
> Hello.
> Serge E. Hallyn wrote:
> > So yes, you might be able to get more review of your patch
> > if you split it up into:
> >
> > 1. move allocations outside of semaphore
> > 2. add proper refcounting
> > 3. get rid of ->is_deleted
> I'm ready to post part (1) and part (2).
> But I'm not sure whether part (3) is worth to implement or not.
> If we don't use is_deleted flag, we will need two "struct list_head"s,
> one is for readers and writers, the other is for GC.
> struct something {
> struct {
> struct list_head list;
> atomic_t users;
> } entry;
> int data;
> bool is_deleted;
> } *p;
> If we remove p from the list using list_del() (or list_del_rcu()) instead of
> setting p->is_deleted to true, we have to somehow remember the element pointed
> by p so that that element is reachable from the GC's list.
> We can't wait for p->entry.users to become 0 inside writer function (which is
> called only when modifying lists). Only GC function (which is called
> repeatedly) can check whether p->entry.users == 0 or not because the element
> pointed by p is long-lived. We need to remember the location of the element
> pointed by p .


Can't you just move the deleted item from the live list to some dead
list, using the same ->list list_head?

> We can allocate memory when adding p to GC's list, but allocating memory at
> list_del() (or list_del_rcu()) time could fail. It is not a good thing that
> removing an element from the reader's list fails because of -ENOMEM. We already
> have a way (i.e. is_deleted flag) to avoid -ENOMEM.
> We can add another "struct list_head" to each element which is used by GC.
> But that approach consumes more memory than is_deleted flag.


See above.


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