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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/4] partitions/ide: improve Host Protected Area handling
On Monday 01 June 2009 15:06:51 Alan Cox wrote:
> On Mon, 1 Jun 2009 08:59:29 -0400
> Greg Freemyer <> wrote:


> > drivers? I mean instead of having 2 module params.
> No because the modules have different names so it will always be
> ide_core.something and libata.something

Moreover "nohpa" is a per-device setting while "ignore_hpa" is a global one.

> Bartlomiej - thinking about this I question "nohpa=" because we get into
> unneccessary negatives ide_core.hpa= is one less inversion to figure out.

Actually in case of "nohpa" there are no unnecessary negatives because it
is really meant for disabling Host Protected Area only and sticking with
the current name allows us to use IDE's module parameters infrastructure
without adding some extra code/complexity.

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