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SubjectRe: Adaptec driver crashes (1/3 and 2/3)
James Bottomley wrote:
> On Wed, 2009-05-06 at 16:13 +0900, Norman Diamond wrote:
>> The easiest 100% reproducible way to crash a Linux system is as follows.
>> Insert either an Adaptec 1460 PCMCIA card or Adaptec 1480 CardBus card.
>> Remove the card. Insert the card again. Even if you knew to set the
>> console to a text mode terminal first (since Linux doesn't give Blue
>> Screens of Death otherwise), you still won't get a dump. Not much to go
>> on without a dump, but at least it's 100% repro.
> Sounds like something's still pinned. When you remove it the first time,
> can you remove the module? (that's aha152x_cs right?).

With the 1460, after removing the first time, no I couldn't rmmod the
module. You're either right or nearly right about the module name since
some were renamed to use hyphens instead of underbars, but I don't remember
if that was included. Anyway, the module was in use by 4 unknown users, and
couldn't be rmmodded.

However, yesterday with the 1460 I couldn't repro the kernel crash.
Yesterday with the 1460 I could only repro less severe lossage. Removal of
the card showed up in dmesg. Reinsertions of the card were completely
ignored, not showing up in dmesg, not recreating the special file /dev/sdb,
and if I mknodded /dev/sdb it was still inaccessible (no such device). Also
shutdown hanged and I had to hold the power switch to shut down.

Yesterday with the 1480 I did repro the kernel crash, the same as before.
The aic7xxx driver was compiled in, not a module. I don't recall if removal
of the card showed up in dmesg. Reinsertion didn't, but the system lived
long enough for dmesg to run and not show a reinsertion. After that came a
1 line kernel crash message with no dump. If I recall correctly,
Ctrl+Alt+Del accomplished a reboot so I didn't have to hold the power

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