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SubjectRE: Mainline kernel OLTP performance update
Wilcox, Matthew R writes:
>I'm not sure that Orion is going to give useful results in your hardware
>setup. I suspect you don't have enough spindles to get the IO rates that
>are required to see the problem. How about doing lots of contiguous I/O
>instead? Something as simple as:
>for i in sda sdb sdc (repeat ad nauseam); do \
> dd if=/dev/$i of=/dev/null bs=4k iflag=direct & \

A better workload emulator would be to use FIO to generate ~60%/40% reads/writes with ~90-95% random i/o using 2k blksize. There is some sequential writing in our workload but only to a log file and there is not much activity there.

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