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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/6] ksm: dont allow overlap memory addresses registrations.
On Wed, 6 May 2009, Alan Cox wrote:
> > the max number of ksm pages that can be allocated at any given time so
> > to avoid OOM conditions, like the swap-compress logic that limits the
> > swapdevice size to less than ram.

(I don't know anything about that swap-compress logic and limitation.)

> Are those pages accounted for in the vm_overcommit logic, as if you
> allocate a big chunk of memory as KSM will do you need the worst case
> vm_overcommit behaviour preserved and that means keeping the stats
> correct.

As I understand it, KSM won't affect the vm_overcommit behaviour at all.
Those pages Izik refers to are not allocated up front, they're just a
limit on the number of process pages which may get held in core at any
one time, through being shared via the KSM mechanism.

KSM is not evading vm_committed_space at all, not opening a backdoor
away from the ordinary mmaps: just collapsing duplicated pages in
what's been mapped in the usual way, down to single copies.

So the vm_commited_space accounting is exactly as before: it would
be a bit odd to be running KSM along with OVERCOMMIT_NEVER, but it
doesn't change its calculations at all - it will and will have to
be as pessimistic as it ever was.

The only difference would be in how much memory (mostly lowmem)
KSM's own data structures will take up - as usual, the kernel
data structures aren't being accounted, but do take up memory.


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