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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH] Adjust SHIFT_PLL to improve NTP convergence.
> As always, feedback or testing (especially on non-x86 arches) would be
> greatly appreciated.

Applying it to a couple of PPS-synchronized machines (where I had already
dropped the poll interval into the basement for better convergence, have
to try reverting that) seems to be working.

One thing I just noticed, although I'm sure it has happened in the past,
is that there's a frequency jump each boot due to TSC recalibration.

Machine 1 Machine 2
Old CPU MHz 2500.170 2500.138
Old NTP ppm -24.63 +/-0.01 -30.27 +/-0.02

New CPU MHz 2500.176 2500.193
New NTP ppm -22.26 +/-0.01 -8.20 +/-0.015

"True" CPU MHz 2500.2316 2500.2136

I should look and see if there's an easy way to tighten that tolerance.
The current algorithm is fine for jiffies purposes, but a few seconds'
worth of background calibration would produce a more stable estimate.

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