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Subject[PATCH 0/2] oprofile: introduce module parameter oprofile.cpu_type
The current userland does not yet fully support all cpu types
implemented in the kernel. With the module parameter oprofile.cpu_type
a certain cpu type can be reported to the oprofile userland and thus
makes the kernel usable with current distros.

The event table may not match fully, so care must be taken when using
this parameter.

See also this description:

oprofile.cpu_type= Force an oprofile cpu type
This might be useful if you have an older oprofile
userland or if you want common events.
Format: { archperfmon | core_2 }
archperfmon: [X86] Force use of architectural
perfmon on Intel CPUs instead of the
CPU specific event set.
core_2: [X86] On Intel systems: report core_2 CPU.

Together with Andi's patches the patch set is also in this tree:

git:// fixes

The fixes are intended for v2.6.30.

Andi, please let me now if this works for you and if things can go
upstream this way.


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