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SubjectRe: [PATCH] ext4/jbd2: remove stray markers

* Christoph Hellwig <> wrote:

> I was planning to do make sure it's all gone. Once we are into
> the 2.6.31 merge dinwo I fear that the final patches will miss the
> window due to all these interdependencies. But Ingo didn't seem
> to be too interested in taking the other patches that would be
> required for it, so I guess I'll try to somehow get it done in the
> merge window and otherwise we'll have to wait for 2.6.32.

Well, while coupling to lots of subsystems is natural for something
as intrinsic as the tracing tree - still i dont want to over-do it.
In little over a month these patches can go into their local
subsystem trees, without any interactions with anything.

So the patches you did are nice - just (as it is usual with any core
kernel tree) the logistics have to be planned carefully.


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